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Tree & Stump Grinding Services

Tree & Stump Grinding Services

With over 50 years of experience in the industry Uniform Paving performs top-quality tree and stump grinding.

Do you have an old stump making you landscape look cluttered? It is time to remove stumps and have the landscaping of your dreams. Did you know an old tree stump in your yard can be a bigger problem than a simple lawn-mowing obstacle or landscaping issue.

A decaying tree stump can become a host to pests, rot, and disease, as well as causing problems for the rest of your yard. Many insects, such as termites, ants and beetles, will invade and nest in old tree stumps. This could lead to other trees being damaged. Stump removal can also prevent many forms of fungi from growing on your property. This can cause odors, flies, and gnats. A tree stump can be a hazard to small children and elderly adults. The roots can cause trips and falls and result in an injury.
Reasons to remove tree stumps:
• Decay
• Fungi
• Damage to yard and other trees
• Odors
• Flies and Gnats
• Hazardous