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Looking for Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating Company in South Carolina?

We provide quality asphalt sealcoating, asphalt overlays, parking lot repair and asphalt maintenance services for commercial and industrial customers within the 60 mile radius of Canton, Georgia. We service North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina.

Uniform Paving specializes in residential and commercial asphalt maintenance, asphalt overlays, sealcoating, patching, new driveways and decorative chip seal.

Paved asphalt surfaces are designed to last on average 25 years of use. Your property can be enhanced by the clean, smooth look of professionally constructed pavement. When required, we can complete your asphalt paving, sealcoating or pavement striping at night or off-peak business times, safely perform our work in active drive areas, and work around other contractors on new construction sites. We complete every asphalt paving sealcoating, repair or maintenance project, large or small, with full attention to quality and safety.

Asphalt benefits include improved safety because tripping hazards are minimized, heightened dust control, and reduced maintenance time.

Our asphalt has excellent waterproofing, flexibility, and adhesive properties to bind and hold the aggregates in the pavement.

Asphalt paving falls into three categories:

New Constructions
Resurfacing(with or without Paving Fabric)

Our asphalt paving construction offers the following

Asphalt Paving Services:

Commercial Asphalt Paving
Residential Asphalt Paving
Asphalt Repairs
Asphalt Maintenance
Asphalt Patching
New Paving
Removal and Replacement
Petromat Overlays
Skin Patching

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We service a 60 mile radius of Canton, Georgia. Covering Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Tennessee.

Marrieta, Georgia

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